HERO Foundation


It is not enough to live, work and thrive in this world. We have an obligation to help people in need in our community. It’s an obligation our employees fully embrace. That’s why we founded the HERO Foundation, to give our employees the means to reach out and affect the communities in which we live.

The HERO Foundation provides direct financial assistance to help people who have been affected by natural disasters, medical conditions or temporary financial hardships to regain their independence and self-sufficiency. We established HERO in 1998 after a tragic spring tornado season left dozens of people in Alabama without shelter, clothes or food. Since 1998, the Foundation has helped many individuals and families in need of temporary assistance because of hardships, when no other safety net was available.

The committees that manage HERO are made up of employees from across HMC. HERO’s resources come from HMC’s employees, its affiliates and from various fundraisers. We learn of people in need from employee referrals and from several partners in the community, including Children’s Hospital, Alabama Children’s Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Head Injury Foundation.

Each year, as HMC celebrates its successes, few match the pride created by the actions of our employees through the HERO Foundation.